Castle Dinas Bran Mini 3 Pro

Went for a family day out yesterday to Castle Dinas Bran.
Went there a few years back with a Mavic Pro I think, time to test out the mini 3 pro

Had a bit of grief from a lady council worker as I was putting the drone away coming out with the usual you cant fly here BS.
Couldnt be bothered to argue too much with her, just showed her my print out of the regs and politely told her to leave me alone, and the next time she sees someone flying a sub 250 g drone to leave them in peace.
Doubt that will change her approach however.
So bloody annoying these people.


Good work.

Nice photos too


I had the same when I visited and photographed Kidwelly Castle (deets here: Kidwelly Castle Challenge) but back then I didn’t own a sub 250g drone and IIRC sub 250g wasn’t even a thing… next time I’m going to just take your approach.

Nice images.

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The problem is when you have to constantly keep explaining everything to people who know no better, it can ruin your day.
The only benefit was my mrs was there to witness the type of shi7e that we have to put up with. I always wear a bodycam now, if nothing else it concentrates my mind not to lose my rag as Im recording it :slight_smile:

Bodycam, HiVis occasionally and lanyard. Definitely stops most. Also got printouts if they do ask

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Tell anyone who asks you’re working for the local
planning authority doing some surveying for a large affordable housing scheme (or refugee resettlement centre)

Yeah, because we’re not vilified enough eh? :rofl:

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It does spoil your day somewhat when someone complains especially when you are right. Love the Mini 3 pro photos quite extraordinary considering the size. Happy Landings.