Cathedral and church music

Hi everyone: last couple of months I be doing a few drone vids of ancient churches in Suffolk, Essex , Cambridgeshire… anybody here know to get same good church music and sounds to go on my vids Thank you. Steve .

I think the obvious first step would be to Google for “royalty free church organ music”, or whatever specific sound you’re looking for. Of course, “royalty free” doesn’t necessarily mean free, as in “free beer”.

Then there’s more generic, organ based classical music. This tends not to attract copyright detection if it’s 70+ years old. That’s the route I took with this video.

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It’s not only composer copyright but performer copyright comes into the equation. The piece of music might be “out of time” but the performer probably won’t be.

This is absolutely true, and was a point I was going to cover but it suddenly seemed like it was turning into an essay. :slight_smile:

Might be helpful:

There’s actually a fairly long thread on “free” music in general:

Plenty of suggestions. Church music is a bit specific though, so I thought it worthy of an individual answer.

Something choral like Allegri’s “Miserere” would fit the bill I reckon, but I’m not sure you’d get it royalty free. Or maybe you could record a choral Evensong somewhere!!! “If you let me record it I will acknowledge the choir” thing?


Epidemic Sound is a superb place for free to use music and sound effects. They have an extensive library of choral, chamber and religious music.

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