Music for drone videos on You Tube - Royalty Free / Free

Can anyone recommend free music to go with drone video.

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Then it’s just a case of finding something you like

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Take a look at : Music and Sound Effects by Eric Matyas : music made available by one of our members …. in return for a credit in the video.

This forum search will bring up several thread around the subject, too.

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Thanks Steve

Thanks Ozone

Freemusic Archive is great but a bit hit and miss…

… I’ve started using he’s got some very nice music and you just need to credit him in your vids to use it.


I’ve pilfered music from YouTube before. When you upload it again, it will normally tell you of the copyright restrictions. Usually it’s “you can’t make money from its use” but sometimes YouTube will prevent the file from being viewed in certain countries.

Depends if you’re a hobbyist or a professional?

Small and personal observation: there are almost no drone films that I have seen on YouTube that couldn’t be improved by removing the music.

For me, it’s probably due to two reasons:
(a) the music is often highly repetitive and “synthy”, or
(b) it’s over the top. (You caught some great shots of a sunset on mountain waterfall? Doesn’t require “Jeruslem” or some such!)

I nearly always press the mute button - this enhances the experience rather than detracts from it. If I wanted music, I’d have iTunes running in the background…


I’m in your camp, I have to say.
Complicated by the fact that I’m musically dyslexic. :man_shrugging:


I was using Bensound initially and it had 100’s of freebies - now I note a lot of them are ‘pay for’ downloads and the 100’s seem to have whittled down to 10’s… found somewhere else buy would need to check my bookmarks on my editing computer for that.

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Unless it’s an FPV video…

Then it should only be accompanied by Sandstorm :rofl:



Whereas I totally understand and respect the opinions of my learned flyers, I kinda disagree.

Good footage is always aesthetically pleasing and can be appreciated for what it is. However, in my experience, adding the right music can invoke an emotional response.

Several billion YouTube viewers seem to agree


There in lies the problem. So you kind of agree. :wink:

= mute!

I’m in the ‘right music’ camp too.
If done right it can be really effective, but otherwise I either mute it or watch something else.

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Looking for good drone music any suggestions free music or paid music…Ta

Moved to your previous identical question. :wink:

Thanks Stevie

Thanks Dave

If you’ve got your own YouTube channel, there’s a ton of free music available in YouTube Studio - you can search by genre, duration, etc.

Also, if you’re a fan of military band music (I’m not) anything you can find from the US miltary can be used freely apparently.

One way around DRM is to use a utility to extact MP3 from existing YouTube videos. You can then use that MP3 on your puplished video without the YouTube restriction you mentioned earlier. None of this is legal mind…


Since this has popped up… I thought I’d mentioned this before, but seems not.

Moby has made hundreds of his tracks available at I’ve used a couple of tracks from there before on YouTube videos. Free and easy (and quick) process to get the license for anything you want to use.