Cats 1 : Props 0 :(

I foolishly left my Air 2 on the table, and returned to find that my cats apparently like the taste of props :frowning:

Not overly bothered as the props are getting on for 2 years old so were kinda due for replacement anyway, though visually they were still good.

Should props or any other items be changed at any specific life expectancy or is it best practice / wise thing to do?

There are probably as many opinions on this subject as there are members of the site :rofl:

Personally, for my DJIs I inspect the blades before and after every flight, and only change them if there is any visible damage to them. Normally I change the entire set, but keep the undamaged ones as spares.

For my FPVs however, while I still inspect them, they tend to be more resilient to minor nicks and bends so I may still fly with minor damage to them.

Thanks for replying… I’m still new to all this, and finding some things easier to ask or search for on GDA website.

Fortunately the only cats I have are from next door and they causing mayhem crapping everywhere in me garden…

I’ve no idea how I’m going to stop it. People net door chase the cats out of their own garden to crap here… :scream:

Get a cat :wink: They are very territorial

we had thought of that but i travel quite a bit and i don’t think it is fair to have pets if you can’t look after it properly.
I was away for five month this year ( the only reason i was not able to be at the GADC meet) and the garden was being looked after by me friend who house sat for me, but when I returned there was crap everywhere. Worst thing was that every time they came round for a shite the activated the cameras and a short video of it was sent to me phone.

I never realised that you could get so much from two small cats… if i still had hair id would be tearing it out by the handful.

Good news is I have told the wife that if there in a club meet next year I’m not missing it… I want to be there… even if i do end up with a pink tutu …

Now that has defiantly got possibilities :grinning:

This is what I told my missus when she was complaining of the same thing. Didn’t work. She now has alien cat shit in her garden and random cat puke all over the house. :rofl:

She does love them, though.