"Caught Out"

I was asked to video Direct Drilling of oil Seed Rape at very short notice, I thought I was prepared but found out I’d forgotten how to organise my gear. In my head I was clear which kit to use for various section of the video.
I ended up having to mix in post 1080p and 2.7K, it’s a first for me, seems though to have worked out ok for 1080p … :man_facepalming:

Red Kites joined in, I’m not sure what they were picking at on the ground?



Field mice / voles / similar disturbed from between the stubble by the activity, most probably.

Red Kites feed on carrion, they’re not hunters. As @OzoneVibe said with the added word ‘deceased.’

Well - people that know a shit load more than me would disagree.

They are mainly carrion eaters, but are quite capable of killing small mammals and birds .


… which I checked before my post. :wink:

I’ve even watched them take a live rabbit on dallick estate near Glenalmond

Both my uncle and grandad had licenses to disturb raptor nests for ringing. I spent a lot of my childhood walking and climbing with them. Its where I got my interest in photography from. My very first photo propper photo was of red kite. My favourite bird though is a peregrine falcon. It was on the cover of a book my grandad bought me for christmas when I was about ten. Still never seen one in the wild despite many hours and miles of walking. Golden eagles, check. White tailed sea eagles, check. Marsh harriers, check. Ospreys, check. Hen harriers, che ck. I’ll get them one day!!!

I’ve seen them take pigeons in mid-air

Sparrow Hawks? Taking a sparrow off your bird feeder?
I couldn’t get the camera in time for the kill, but it lingered for ages eating its quarry.

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That was pretty cool that was :+1:


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York this morning