Celebrations Florida U.S.A

great place to go and relax with a coffee and watch the world go by.


We used to visit celebration regular as we have good friends who live their. It’s beautiful to see all the white light only on all the property.

Absolutely stunning place. Great video

thanks :ok_hand:

Look forward to being allowed back into the USA

Love Celebration , much nicer and warmer than the UK :+1:

yes me too far to cold in Scotland :cold_face:

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For sure :+1: :grinning:

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great place to be :ok_hand:

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Are they happy for you to fly there , I will go back one day and it would be nice to take my drone :+1:

That was a couple of years ago and i didn’t have a problem but the laws have all changed Now .

Ok cheers , can’t see it happening anytime soon to be fair with all the restrictions :+1:

Think November might be looking good, or do as a few of my mates have done go via Mexico for a nice all inclusive ‘quarantine’

My niece has a villa at Legacy Park Blvd

Florida 33897

USA so I am quite lucky if its not hired out i go out with her family . Its like a different world out there compared to Scotland lol❤

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My next door neighbour normally lives 6 months in Florida (they have a large house in a gated community) and 6 months in the U.K.
They were going to go via Mexico having been in the U.K. for @ 18 months, but they have now booked flights directly to Florida on 11th November.
They did say that might still have to change.

Yes my Niece is the same . She just going out to inspect the property and do odd jobs on it . Hope you get out soon kid :+1: :grinning:

Problem is you need to be there for 16 days as your arrival and departure day do not count.

We are due to fly to Miami in December. We would normally be there now.

Must admit just before Covid we were in the US for Christmas / New Year and at the time felt guilty for going back in February. Little did we know that come March/April the world would have changed…

Might be tight - I reckon 14th or 15th.

Yes they said they were not 100% sure the flight would go ahead. I think they’re just pulling their hair out trying to get back now.
They have been contacted several times by the development management saying they need to maintain one thing or another - it’s in their terms they have to have everything looking pristine at all times, so it’s been costing them a fortune getting companies in to do the stuff they would have been able to do if they’d been there.