Charger/PSU for CrystalSky?

Got a 5.5 on it’s way, but as I understand they come with no powersupply for the charging hub? What can I get quickly that will work?



Does the 5.5 come with a CS Charging Hub @AndyT ?

And what charger(s) do you have currently mate?

Yes it comes with the hub, guess they have to as you can’t charge the battery on the screen I believe? I only have the Mavic charger.

@PingSpike @AndyT
I bought mine from here @Jcborden and it came with phantom psu… … which has the round pin plug
Presume they were meant for the phantom ?? with the square plug ?
Its one amazing monitor.
Hope you get it sorted

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I just bought the sun shade for this 5.5 …its amazing and it protects the front screen

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I bought the Phantom 100w charger for mine too. Also bought the Advanced Mavic Hub so I can charge everything with just one charger still:

Not a cheap solution though :frowning:


Yeah that’s next on my ordering list. Seems like an excellent solution. Probably still need a hood in Cyprus.

Just ordered the same :). Annoying to have to have a dedicated PSU just for the screen battery, but it is what it is. My Air came with a hub, but the charger/PSU is only 13V or so, so can’t be used with the screen.

The monitor, even the 1000 nit version is amazing, however for £35.00 the sun shade works a treat. Polor Pro supply the plastic covers for £25.00 which I dont use now, as the shade was a better solution.

Yeah I love innovative solutions

Fomito 2-Channel Battery Charger and Remote Controller Transmitter Charger for DJI Phantom 4 professional/ Advanced Quadcopter Drone

I bought this from amazon for £20, works fine just has all the extra cables for the phntom 4.

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