Charlestown Harbour, Cornwall

An early morning flight above Charlestown (Cornwall) Harbour


Beautiful shots mate , love them👍

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Great pics Brian :+1:t2: I love Cornwall. Brings back memories thinking about it. I used to spend every summer holiday down there when my Gran lived down that way. Thanks for sharing

I was on a pilgrimage of sorts. I used to spend every summer holiday there with my parents as a child. They are long gone now, and it’s about 30 years since I was last there as a young man with a young family. Everything was familiar, a few changes, but nothing too drastic.


Thank you, they are straight from the iPad, exactly as I took them nothing has been photoshopped or HD’d


Beautiful pictures! And definitely taken at the right time of day🙂

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Love the first one!

Nice pics @Brian. I am very jealous of this.