Chasewater - Added to Lakes and Reservoirs in West Midlands

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene - Location # 545

Land owner permission requirements unknown.

Car park charges at peak times, flying is permitted but with certain guidelines

The originator declared that this location was not in a flight restriction zone at the time of being flown. It remains the responsibility of any pilot to check for any changes before flying the same location.


This is a cracking area to fly a drone especially on a nice day when the boats are out I tend to fly from the beach on the Chasetown side as its relatively quiet.

Could u please tell me if i need permission to fly here thank u in advance

No permission needed just follow the guidelines as stated on website copy of these in post #1 in this thread :+1:

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Thank you @garrycorb

Hi all after going up chasewater today to fly my drone i was very quickly approached by the rangers who have informed me that i cannot fly over chasewater as its a certain kind of nature reserve … Now the post from higher up in the thread which was the railway also does not apply as they have told me they have also had to stop People flying over there to.
Now if i go off the NATS DRONE app i cant see any restrictions or see that its a nature reserve… im very very confused what are people’s thoughts
Thank you in advance

@Zinoreaper Well the rules of chase water state that drones have to keep 50m away from railway, sidings, platforms and also states within CAA rules so who do we listen to, on the east beach looking at it from pier there is a small path leading to a lay-by so could take off and land from there, @AndyCortez have you had any issues ? as you arrange meets there. The rangers said they have had to stop flying by railway ??

Literally been today and they pointed out that the rules i showed them
Is to-do with the railway not chasewater the rangers told me so i went to the railway and asked the man in charge to be told that chasewater have made him ban drones to due to the wildlife …
Even this manager told me that he disagrees with them he said if the steam train doesn’t scare the wildlife then a drone wont …

can u see why im super confused

He then told me no trains were running today so feel free to park on the road the other side the bank and fly by the railway …

@garrycorb i just wanted people to be aware of the issues [its like the rangers was in very bad mood very blunt and arrogant]

i was probably 100 yards away from where u fly from and was gutted

Such a nice clear day with no wind at all the footage would of been stunning today

A couple of us are meeting up the chase tomorrow if you fancy joining us

What time do you all meet @garrycorb

We are meeting about 1pm at Glacial Boulder Car Park

@garrycorb unfortunately i will be at work i have mondays and sundays off but if u ever do one on those days I will deffo try get over to meet you guys

Will do mate :+1:

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Just had this reply back from Chasewater requesting permission for TOAL and a suitable place to do so.
I’m just about to compose a reply to thank them for their email and remind them on the CAA rules regarding overflight. .

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They are contradicting themselves, anyway a few places you can pull in on main road by beach launch from there few steps thru bushes and hey presto no regs broken, be interesting to see the reply @AndyCortez and thanks for info