Cheap Flight controller - JHEMCU F4 NOXE V3 F411

Looking for a new ( Cheap ) Fc and found this as there isn’t much out there with 20mm footprint ( holes) anyone tried them or would I be wasting my money ???.

Looks good. It’s even got 10v 2a for your vistas :+1: 2 uarts so no gps. And it supports sbus

no good for me then :laughing: :laughing:

So I had a jehmcu aio fc on a tinywhoop for a while. It worked great. Really nice.

Then for no reason I can fathom one of the ESCs stopped responding to the FC…

This is one datapoint, so I can’t say if jehmcu stuff is crap… I just thought I’d mention it. The whoop now has a happymodel FC in it.

Thanks for the feedback, Im still looking at sending of some stuff to the guy in Germany as I have some really decent FC and ESC and think its a waste them just sitting there.

But I thought in the in trim I could get back in the air with the above, Ill look at ordering 1 tonight not sure how long it will take to arrive?. But once Iv got this one in the air ill but back to a full fleet, for a bit anyhow …lol…