Cheap Lock Down Quad

it does have a FrSKY SPI receiver on FC.

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Found it :+1:

Does it run on 2 single 1s lipos? Is it JST-XH?

It works on 1S or 2S. The connectors are two PH2’ wired in series. If you just want to run 1S there is a shorting plug supplied that goes in one of the PH2 connectors. There’s also a XT30 supplied in the accessory bag if you want to swap out the PH2 connector for something less lossy.

If you fit your receiver you’ll need to configure it for SBUS, there are pads on the flight controller to solder the receiver to on the right hand side next to the SPI bind button.

If at a later date you intend to upgrade the VTX to a TBS Unify Nano there is a purpose made adaptor, or sled, that connects both the receiver and VTX to the flight controller without having to solder to the flight controller itself.

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Thanks @Nidge :+1:

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Mines coming Monday. The tbs nano rx Tuesday. I’ll slightly mention it later when the misses is tipsy

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@Nidge What is the vtx? How did you get 200mw?


I think the supplied VTX is proprietary to the THFS. As default it is 25milliwatts but if you keep the channel/band change button pressed while plugging a battery in it will then be capable of 25mW and 200mW. Unfortunately you have to do this every time you powercycle the quad if you want the higher power.


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All crossfired up for rx. It’s quite quick, as my kitchen ceiling will testify.
I lowered the idle to 3.5% though. 4.5 and it was jumping around.
I’ve since removed the stock rx antenna. :man_facepalming:

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It is surprisingly quick on 2S, that’s why I run it on 1S in the house.

I still intend to mod one of mine. I have a Runcam Nano sat doing nothing which should improve the the image quality. I’m also toying with the idea of installing a Diamond VTX/DVR board from my bits box. I’m holding off replacing the SPI receiver until I get to have a play with an IRC-Ghost.

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That’s in the Tinyhawk freestyle 2 and I can testify that the image quality is pretty good :+1:t2:

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I’ve got plenty of spare props if you need any Karl :+1:t2:

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@Nidge quick question does the Tinyhawk freestyle 2 have the same issue as the freestyle 1 where the VTX reverts back to 25mw every time you disconnect the battery or once its unlocked it stays at 200mw unless changed?

It’s the same. Squish button down and connect battery to get the higher power and extra channels. But when the battery is removed and reconnected the power level is locked at 25mW.

That’s annoying… was wondering why I was getting video breakup at short range even though I’d unlocked the VTX (once) so I’m guessing even if you set it to 200mw within betaflight unless you hold the button down while connecting the batteries its locked at 25mw eventhough the OSD is showing 200mw… next time I get a chance to fly it (damn weather!) I’ll give it a go see if my video range improves.

I can confirm. I even connected the smartaudio direct to the crossfire nano which says it’ll go to 800mw. But it doesn’t. At least all the raceband channels are available.

Damn fiddley to change!
This should make a brilliant park flyer when the kids are at school!

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I love my tinyhawk freestyle 2 :+1:t2:

You can say that again lol

Still waiting on mine.

Had a text saying it was arriving on Saturday but dosent seem to have moved.

Could be a good upgrade for me at a later date :ok_hand:t2:


The tiny hawk is awesome…

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Yep. The camera is absolute rubbish.