Checklist for Travel - What to take and how to take it


Nothing better than packing up for a trip; all to easy to forget something essential that messes everything up. So whilst getting things ready for my upcoming trip to Iceland, I figured I’d make a short video on what I do to make sure everything is packed.
Obvious stuff to some; useful stuff for others hopefully.


Some good tips there @ianinlondon, look forward to seeing the footage you capture :+1:


@ianinlondon top travel tip from me, don’t take a load of the euro adapter plugs, just take one and a 4 way trailing lead with you for the hotel.


As always Ian, top tips !, Have great trip !.
Iceland is definitely on my travel bucket list !


Nice one Ian
Lots to do and see up there in Iceland bake beans are on special at the moment…
I have been following a few photographers who’ve been there some stunning landscapes for you to get your teeth into
just hope the weathers ok to fly


Great videos @ianinlondon thank you :+1:


Went there at the end of January this year. There are lots of places where drone flying is totally prohibited - usually where the tourists tend to be taken to.


An excellent Icelandic (mainly) drone photo account on Instagram for ideas… we expect nothing less on your return! :wink:


Wow. No pressure then… :smiley:


There does seem to be some amazing landscape potential there, with fascinating colours and skies.
Have fun! :+1: