Chelsea Elephants

There is a herd of elephants currently in Chelsea, they will be moving around London as part of a co-existence project. More info to be found here.

Managed to get out today with the M50, although despite the promise of beautiful sunshine it rained the entire time.

Side note, whilst creating this topic with the title Chelsea Elephants. GADC has advised me my topic is similar to Arsenal vs Chelsea…



I’m not saying anything but I think the GADC Committee may have a favourite team

But which one? They’re both pants

In my honest opinion, I don’t follow either, but knowing both stadiums, the Chelsea one is a) in the nicer area and b) a nicer stadium.

The arsenal stadium makes me feel like my wheels are going to be nicked if I stop too long at the traffic lights

If I HAVE to drive in London, and I wait even a millisecond after the amber light to go, 20 cars have cut me up. Bloody londener drivers!

There’s definitely a skill to it, I mean I’d be one of those 20 drivers for sure. You snooze you lose :joy:

The secret to driving in London is to take the cheapest car you own. Don’t take your medium or most expensive one. All you then do is steer at the others and remind them that theirs will cost more to repair than yours.


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I used to adopt this rule until I got my 2020 Beamer now I’m cautious :joy: