Chernobyl Drone Flying Trip 2023

Hey Grey Arrows Members.
Since owning drones one of the places I’ve wanted to visit is Chernobyl. Expierence the amazing place where the biggest nuclear disaster happened. The disaster struck on my 4th Birthday actually, 26th April 1986, some 35 years ago wiping out a huge 1000 Sq miles known as the exclusion zone and this where I’m planning on going and hopefully taking some of you guys with me.

I’ve been doing a bit of research over the last couple of weeks with regards to this trip and I’ve got some rough details for you to ponder over. More accurate pricing once I know whos interested.

The details below are rough guide but, have been told they wont change much. ignore the dates, this price is based on 2022 travel although I’m looking to book for june 2023 this will give you some time to sweeten up your better half and get some pennies together.

Prices will include all you see on the table below plus
Exclusion Zone permits
Drone Permits
Drone Serial numbers will have to be provided when booking to allow you to fly in the exclusion zone.

The guide

Firstly lets see whos interested.

Chernobyl Trip 2023
  • I would love to go
  • Unfortunately I can’t make it

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Poll is open till the 19th November.

I will do my best to answer any questions regarding this trip but you may have to be patient whilst I contact my Agent.


All depends upon the quality of the hotels :joy: :joy:

Take some wall paper with you. :joy:

How many batteries will we be allowed?

Are we restricted to fly just in Chernobyl area?

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What if the other half actually wants to come?

Also what if I upgrade my drone between booking and going in regards serial numbers?

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Serial numbers to all drone equiptment will be cataloged so fill your boots I guess.

The drone permit allows us to fly in the Exclusion zone only. What you need to fly outside of that I don’t know, would have to check Ukraine’s rules.

Bring them along :ok_hand:

Would just have to update the booking. I can’t imagine there would be a fee but I can find out.

I will say also, That SD card’s may be spot checked as you exit the Exclusion Zone to make sure your not doing any wrong. This will all be discussed with the guide upon arrival.

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The stuff around Chernobyl is basic and traditional (adds to the experience), but the Kiev stuff would be more European in comfort ;o)

A few POI’s




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I can put up with the playgrounds but the hotel looks a bit basic :slight_smile:

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Take a laptop to offload your photos and videos. Save you looking at the walls :laughing:

For itinerary ideas see the link I was due to go in April 2020 with these chaps on the 3 day tour (with a night either end in Kiev)

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This looks amazing :star_struck:


Agree mate, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with this the last couple weeks. 🤦🏽🤩 can’t wait though.

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She’s a teacher, so the dates probably won’t line up (doing in school holidays probably increases the price by about £250 :crazy_face:) but thanks.

I’m at least interested anyway. I’d also love to fly over the Varosha in Cyprus which was abandoned in the 70s, but upon googling just, it looks like it’s been partially reopened this year!

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Not much in the way of holidays in June 23 :ok_hand:t4:

I’ve been obsessed with this place since it happened. I remember the news reports and learning about it at school.

I can also remember reading the early urban explorer reports before the “tourism” started on 28dayslater forum.

I definitely want to go. It’s high up on the bucket list.
Wonder what the score is with fpv there? Some epic gaps :heart_eyes:


I see a fair few on YT with with the old FPV goggles on, so I’m guessing there okay. I’ll ask.


I’ll check the airlines - it’s probably them that will be the problem with lipos

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I’ll just leave this here