Chesterfield Bando / Matlock Bando meetup 14/11/21

Hi all looking at planning a meetup on sunday 14th of november half the day at Chesterfield bando (Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Chesterfield Bando - FPV in East Midlands) and half the day at Matlock Bando (Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Matlock Bando - FPV in East Midlands) not far from each other 15 20 minute drive roughly probably less. Don’t have to do 2 locations up to you lot.

here is a vid of chesterfield bando FPV freestyle mashup 21/10/21 - YouTube


Wow… better get my Tardis working again. :wink:

I assume the thread title of 14th November was correct… Remembrance Sunday, but I should be available.

i just edited it

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Weather all being good, I’m in.


I’m in providing its not pissing it down

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In weather being good :slight_smile:

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I’ll come :+1:

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Should be ok for Matlock, do you have an eta ??..

I’m guessing if we are doing both matlock and Chesterfield, matlock will be first probs like 10 ish if that’s OK for everyone else


Sounds like a plan …

Sounds good to me

Hi guys forgot to add I met some other fpv pilots the other week and I was able to get the gate code so that we can drive down and makes it abit easier. The code is 1981 just make sure you lock it behind you. The fishermen don’t mind as long as we don’t block the road and stuff.

Sorry chaps cant make this one. I have errands and stuff to run in the am.

Hope it’s a good day and look forward to seeing some great footage

I also can’t get as I’m self isolating! :frowning:

Sorry to hear u can’t make it @Howard78 and @Yith. There should be plenty of great footage (depending in the weather :crossed_fingers:) . Also is everyone else still up for tomorrow ?

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Unsure :neutral_face:
Depends on weather

Sorry mate was really up for matlock but family issues prevent…

no worries pal hope all is ok.

What sort of time will you be at matlock and chesterfield?

matlock at like 10 ish then can decide if we want to go chesterfield or not