Chew Valley Lake, Somerset

Hi guys, want to be sure before I go…
Can I fly at chew valley lake, Somerset.

Screen shot: Drone Assist

Screen shot: our very own Drone Scene

You can prob see my concern from the two screen grabs. Do I just fly using Drone Scene & delete Drone assist. :grimacing: or am I missing a setting on drone scene that would place that outer ring? :thinking:

I’ve just viewed on drone assist and its the same as drone scene so your good to go.

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I think you have Controlled traffic ticked on DA

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Thank you guys :+1:t4:

All down to Chew Lake lads - there must be at least three varieties of watersports for the birthday challenge!


Haha, honestly don’t know if there is, :thinking: been taking about flying here for a while now, but because of my settings, didn’t think I could so never have. Bonus if there are sports there though :wink::facepunch:t3:

PayPal me for shots :wink::shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth: