Choreographed Drone Light Shows - General Thread

Are there any other photos or videos taken by members of the public at different vantage points?

It reminds me of the (fake) Tekken 8 launch event drone show over Tower Bridge. Dodgy marketing :confused:

The one above was just a time-lapse … which is his specialty.

Looks amazing :star_struck:

I wonder how many drones they used to surround a building like that :scream:

Ah, answer is in the description:

1,800 drones


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That’s a lot of joysticks to operate at the same time …


I’m super impressed with the accuracy of the relative position of each drone …. When they form the cube, you can see how precise each one is positioned relative to the others.

I reckon get enough of us together we would piss that pft :rofl:

Is amazing tho :clap:

Half a dozen drones at the NW meet-up, yesterday, seemed to cause enough havoc!


Easy when money is no object

Bloody, effing, gob-smackingly, amazing!

I admire the imagination and artistry just as much as the tech.

I’d love to witness this kind of display firsthand!