Church Drone Pictures

A record of every church in England (all denominations and disused too) is being created. They want drone shots of as many churches as they can.

More details visit


I’m not sure they’ve thought this through…

How will they capture the hundreds(?) of churches in built up areas? :man_shrugging:

So far as I can see, zero information on who is behind this site, and zero information on image copyright.

Either an overhead shot from church grounds - if they exist - with the vicar’s permission or oblique shots from the nearest park.

Or a bloke with a long ladder - I once took pictures of our military vehicle show from the top of a Carmichael 100 foot escape leader :slight_smile:

The key phrase is …as many as they can. There will be some they can’t.

Not my project, just passing on the info.

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But who are they ?

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It’s sponsored by Drone User Magazine which is produced by Steven Timewell. That might be a clue as to who is behind it.

Unfortunately as they won’t pay for work, as the dragons say ‘I’m out’


Living in Hampshire I have captured a few churches near me I will be sending mine to the address provided FREE great site thank you


Now it makes sense.