Circular flight

How can I fly Mavic Pro around a circular subject and keep it on camera? I’m thinking something like a turret or lighthouse type of thing.


By using the POI (Point of Interest) function.
You fly immediately above the POI, initiate the function, fly out to the height/distance you want to film from, set that, then start recording, then initiate the movement and control the speed around the POI.

Vid on Youtube here

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Or with some practice, you can do it manually by hand.

I’ve clearly been playing online FPS games for too many decades, circle strafing while targeting a moving opponent is second nature now :rofl:



Thanks guys, I’m still finding my way around the controller and go4 app.
Anybody know how tight a radius it can fly?

About 18 metres, if I recall correctly. 18m high (relative to take off) too, I think.

That’s the exact reason I don’t play online FPS any more :rofl:

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lol sorry mate, it’s entirely possible that I’ve fragged you online at some point in the last twenty years :smiley:

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Dm4 anyone

Or … you can try :-
Left stick left - right stick right - you’ll fly anti-clockwise around a circle.
Left stick right - right stick left - you’ll fly clockwise around a circle .
Adjust how much you give each stick to vary speed and how tight the circle you want to fly.
Saves stuffing around with menus.


@joe.k I could, but would that keep the camera on the subject?

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If you get it right, yes.

I’m all for doing these things manually. WHEN you get it right, it’s really satisfying, but you are the only person that gets that.
If the end result is all important, then absolute accuracy and smoothness is all the viewer sees - and these clever automatic features have an important role to play.

Practice with the manual one, though, especially if you want something closer than those 18m. The closer you are the more difficult it becomes, but also sticks a massive grin on your face when it’s achieved.


@Abacus … it’s as @callum says . Satisfying.

If you can’t/don’t want to fly over the target, Litchi allows you to do it using its Orbit feature. You can configure it down to 5m radius, though I’ve not tried that close. See