Cleared for take off, well almost!

Took delivery of my new MPP yesterday along with a CS Ultra.

As the Mavmount I ordered from America won’t be with me for probably a week or so (didn’t realise there wasn’t a UK supplier) I was considering using my Samsung S7 in the meantime until I read that it is not a compatible device.

Anyone using an S7 or have had an experience using this with DJI.

Just like to give Heliguy a mention. They were great and Steve was most helpful. 10/10 from me.

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I’d be surprised if the S7 doesn’t work, the S8 works without a problem… have you tried it? Have you downloaded the GO4 app to it? Give it a test flight, you won’t have to go far to know… don’t believe everything on the t’internet :slight_smile:

There are many who say the GO4 app crashes on Android, never had a problem with it

Congrats Dave!!

You won’t be disappointed :grin:

Worked fine thanks.

Wow! wasn’t disappointed.

Just can’t wait to fly it with the CS now.


I’m in the process of returning my CS Ultra. Brilliant screen but it keeps having pixelisation, video lag and screen lock ups.

Galaxy s8 works fine. Don’t see why s7 won’t work as well😁