Cliffe Fort, Kent

Anyone been here? What’s it like for parking?

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Hi Alex, looking at google maps you may be able to park past the boat club, if allowed? Looking forward to your video or photos.
Please let me know how you get on ?

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@jimvfrmoto750 cannot see the boat club on google maps

Hi Alex, there looks like a sand quarry to the right of the fort, and a area just in front of the fort where boats are ? Is the post code ME3?

Hi Alex, just looked at google maps on my computer, and I can’t see any boats? The road I am looking at is Saxon Shore way .

Yes the postcode is ME3

I referencing the boat club

Looked on google map again, but no boats in the water or out? Just a couple of buildings? Sorry.

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I am on about the fact that I cannot seem to find the boat club that you were on about parking near?

Hi Alex, found out that the club finished In 2017, so the are no longer there, sorry, only just found out .

Where else would be good to park do you think

I was out there awhile ago, there is a roadway down the side of the conveyor, but the gates are locked across it. So we parked just by the gates, by the Signs to Bird Conservation Area and walked across the field down the right hand side of the conveyer, as you near the end you can cross over the conveyer.
When we were there a Police Officer was attending to his horse which was stabled there. We chatted with him and he was no problem. He had opened the gates and driven down. When we went back we walked down the road but found the gates locked and they are difficult to climb over. We managed to get past them on the left hand side. Bit of a struggle but better than going back.

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Ok so the police do they guard it? Because I read a review on Tripadvisor which said there was 24hr guards

No, he was there just tending to his horse. He was interested in our drones, and we chatted for quite a while, certainly no one else there. He obviously had permission to keep his horse there and also had keys to the gates. He was no problem at all. Not heard or seen any 24 hours security. One thing though is keep well to the left next to the conveyor or you will be straying into the Bird Sanctuary Area which is obviously out of bounds.
As for parking as you come to the end of the lane, the the locked gates in question are in front of you, the Bird Sanctuary to the right and the entrance to the works is on the left. We always park against the wall adjacent to the Works gates.

The Car Park to the right belongs to the Bird Sanctuary.

Hope that helpful.

Ok thanks for this information

The police interested in drones? Wow!

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A lot of Forces use drones, and have done for sometime.

Yes I know, I was being sarcastic because you see so many times where police don’t like them


Also another thing to note is that is there a flat place to takeoff and land because I am disabled and use a trike to get around

Finally going tomorrow!

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