Clip over 1gb

…are not being stored on 32gb card. Tells me on the galaxy S6 how large the file is … but no show whatsoever!!! Any ideas??

Taken from DJI phone compatibility list here:

Samsung S6 ( Note: One of our readers had control problems flying with this model: SM-G920W8, not sure if it’s a common problem, please test it before flying )

Samsung Galaxy S6 not on there. Possible reason? Don’t know about Samsung phones. Is S6 different from Galaxy S6?

@johnbirt thank you for that. I meant to say galaxy S6. Still not sure, but I think I narrowed it down to a formatting issue on my ancient laptop. Started to format SD card in the controller and this seems to work better. Thanks again

Always best to format cards in the device they are to be used in.


Thanks @OzoneVibe, did that but no flying today :thinking: