Clips for Flytron Cree strobes - Mavic 2 - Mini 2 - Air 2

I am selling clips for attaching the Flytron Strobon Crees to the rear arms of Mavic 2 or Mini 2 drones.
They snap on and off and provide a very secure mounting method. Downward or rearward versions available. On eBay.


Would be good if you did them for the Mavic Air2 as well…:wink:

I’m fully intending to, but, sadly I haven’t got one to be able to check the dimensions.

Are you able to do accurate dimensions, with a set of calipers and some close up photos? If so, I would be happy to send you a free pair in exchange, if we could fit them over a video link, to check they are exactly right.

Showing OOS for the rear facing at the moment?

Sorry Keith, that’s not correct. I need to fix that. Got plenty. Thanks for the heads up.
Cheers, Andrew

Just fixed it.

Just ordered!! Thanks

Excellent. Thank you Keith.

Any plans on making these to fit the mavic pro or if mavic 2 will fit the pro?

I still can’t find the GADC members discount code :wink:


Just ordered sets for my mini 2 and M2 zoom

I did not see the discount code either :slightly_smiling_face:


Howard, happy to do that but I don’t have one to check. If you could p.m. some dimensions of the arms I can do it for you to try. Width and height at the end near the motor and then about 20mm in. They would need to be ± 0.1 mm.

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I picked the lowest price at which it was worth doing them. Don’t forget postage is a quid and eBay take a quid. :grin:

Thanks @ash2020. I’ll measure later and pm you.

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I’m really sorry I didn’t think of that. If I had done, I could have built in some slack to the pricing.

I got my code as a PM :wink:

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These look good, I’ve just ordered a couple of pairs. Thanks

Where can i buy some from i want them for dji mini 2

Scroll up?

Pair of mounting clips for Flytron Strobon Cree - dji Mini 2 - dji Mavic 2 |… 66