Close in shoots

Take an old farm house in the middle of nowhere . And your in business .

Most vids are long open shoots . The drone is capable of so much more than this .

The high open tree shots really bore me . Get in close and fly some good stuff .

Let’s av a look :eyes:

I don’t think my bladder would let me fly my Inspire 2 through a window and especially when the wallet has been consulted…:clown_face:


Check out some of @Jcborden’s videos :slight_smile:


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I love that. It’s like a slow mo artsy fpv movie! Come on @shane9377 , show us what we should be attempting…!

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Let me just pick up my bits first and glue then back together and some good weather and i will try some really close flying .

Brilliant stuff …
Nice flying

Here ya go…



Were you bricking it? :wink:


Its a brick wall

Beautiful Paul
The difference in texture, shape, joints, colour.
Oh I could just stare at it for hours
Thanks for sharing


Good check for a level gimbal … :stuck_out_tongue:


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Here’s one I took last weekend. Cut out part of some footage my mate asked me to do of their new house extension to send to family in South Africa. It was about 2ft above his house then rose to 120m. In 2x so you wouldn’t be too bored :wink:

Like you shane, I like getting as close as possible to buildings (under my control obviously) :slight_smile:. Took me some time to trust what I saw on the screen and disable the sensors though…

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If you paste the YouTube link into its own line it will create the embedded player. You don’t need to use the link button for that.
You can edit the post if you wish.

Nice one - cheers :call_me_hand:

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Nice shooting and control Lozzer .
I like close in stuff best but will gain hight when i see something interesting.
Never been into the . Let’s see how far it will go kind of flying .l usually take a Passenger plane for that lol…

I know, that’s what you get 8 inches from one :rofl:

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8 inches!?

Small bricks or wide angle? :wink: