Into the decay... shot on Mavic Pro

Here is a quick practice video I made this morning with my Mavic Pro (and the help of my daughter). The wind through the buildings made it interesting to fly and the variable lighting inside and out gave plenty of lighting issues to worry about. Also music is not my strong point lol.

All edited (including music) on my iPad using LumaFusion and Remixlive. It’s my first real attempt at putting something like this together so be gentle :wink:


As Jim Royle would have put it: “Be gentle? My arse!”

This is fantastic. I like the lighting, the speeding up and slowing down of the footage, the fact that you don’t see your daughter’s face adds to the mystery - Where is this? Who is that person? What are they up to?

The music? The jury’s out on this one but overall a superb edit and well worthy of a badge IMHO. :star_struck::clap::+1:

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Very Very Nice Feeling for the surroundings Great Flying in a confined space and Clever framing . :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

Thanks - was my first time flying the mavic indoors and ended up having to switch off OA as it kept stopping me. Flying low down in the hallways was a bit of a challenge but all good fun!!

Yeah, the music is always the hardest part and definitely needs work. Thanks.

I wish I had the talent to do something like that.

I think that was really good. Where was that filmed?

Music wise I think I’d have gone for something from a horror movie something suspenseful just to add to the mystery of not seeing your daughter’s face. Give it a bit of suspense.

Fantastic effort though. Look forward to seeing more

Did you try using Tripod Mode?

Thanks, filmed at RAF Upwoodr, but you need to be careful now as there is sometimes security as they’ve had lots of problems…

I wanted something orignail for the music so threw it together, but could definitely be way better and agree some horror theme would be cool.

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No tripod mode, although that could have worked well, just flew nice and gently :slight_smile:

Thats is one thing I am going to need to learn a bit more about Compiling the Videos I am going to get Adobe Premiere Pro for the New Year to add the my adobe CC and Lightroom CC I have now. I have meet a stunning Guy On You Tube who make stunning music tracks He … hang on I will add a link to him

I have not long Known him but he is a stunning Chap who Is Dji Mavic Pro Mad like I am becoming
Tread slowly I think is the Best way, and you never Know @Jcborden He Might end up sorting some Tracks out For The Group.
hope you do not mind the long reply James
Ps. Not sure why the time line to the right of the message is showing the date as NOV 12

Thanks for the response, I’ll take a look at his channel. Some tracks for the group would be great :slight_smile:

I am going to ask him in the next 24 hours

Some of His Flight Are Just Beautiful you will see for youself I am sure @Jcborden

Try This One To James

Billy is a great help too, Dam yanks no everything before we do. :blush:

If I can help let me know

Excellent stuff and original too - not the usual drone fare. Some very interesting graffiti on the walls, worth a separate trip just to photograph it all. Very well done.

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Very Nice really enjoyed it :slightly_smiling_face:


@Jcborden what a fantastic video :clap:t2:

I’m nominating you for both the Movie Director award and the Strange Sightings award too!

You couldn’t have filmed this at a better time of year either, the autumn colours outside, the leaves on the floor, the low sun in the sky… amazing :smiley:

I loved the final scene too, with the light at the end of the tunnel - looked amazing :smiley:


If this was just a practice I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

Any issues re GPS signal loss transferring from outdoors to indoors? Or vice versa?

Thank you very much!

Was fun to make and worth the early trip. It also brought home so many of the advantages of the Mavic and showed me the quality video it can take. Very pleased with it.

If anyone wants to make a trip to Cambridgeshire we could organise a small group to go there, but need to be a bit discreet as it’s supposed to be off limits :wink:

That’s what i am talking about .
Nice …