Deeper decay

This is my second video shot with the Mavic pro around the abandoned buildings. Perhaps not as good as the first (?) but again a good learning exercise whilst making my daughters get some fresh air lol.

Feedback appreciated.


Another great video @Jcborden :clap:t2:

Are you on

LOL is this the excuse you give the wife? “Just off to fly the Mavic again… oh, I mean, take the kids out for some fresh air…:rofl:

I loved the shot flying over the missing skylight. And the other shot flying up out through it :+1:

Definitely an eerie feel to these two videos. You should try dimming the lighting in post and adding some proper creepy music… this could easily be a trailer for a horror film! I think because of the long hooded coats, can’t see their hands or faces, etc.

Great job :smiley:

Thanks PingSpike, I’ll have a go at darkening things a bit to see how it changes the video and experiment with the music.

It’s fun and nerve racking flying through the gaps, plus having to switch boasts less avoidance off (and remembering to put it back on although I suppose I could leave it off permanently.

Didn’t know about 28dayslater - looks interesting, I’ll get myself signed up!

@Jcborden Your Control of the Mavic Pro It Stunning as you pass from inside to outside, and the control of exposure is always evident as you move so slowly thought the structure. I am very impressed at this second visit Or filming Run from the First .

You Get My Vote :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2: