Coastline sequence using a "steady movement" hack on the controller Joysticks

This sequence on Whitby Coastline uses a mod for the mini 2 / Air 2s controller joysticks - it uses rubber skin in a frame to offer some resistance to thumb on top control. It helps maintain a consistent trajectory for your drone when filming.

My first post, so hello! - I am a 3-months a droner. More experienced with tech / film!



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Superb video there Woody and the music is perfect. I have been flying for about the same amount of time as you but don’t have your camera skills; you have given me something to aim for.

Tip I was given was to remove the joysticks for smooth panning. I haven’t tried it yet as I have enough trouble with the joysticks IN :rofl:

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Wow, beautiful!

Excellent video Woody. Well done

Thanks Clarky!

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Welcome to GADC, too. :+1:

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Thanks @mrsjotherhalf @Clarkyjp and @rick.hyde and @OzoneVibe
Removing the Joysticks can work but its still tricky. The frame I made is a fairy simple hack.
The device design I have put out on creative commons so you can get it cut in 3mm ply with a laser or 3D print a version.

A vid about that is here: Dji Air 2s and Mini 2 Drone Controller - Joystick Sensitivity Fix - YouTube
(link to the part CAD design is in the youtube comments)

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Nice filming
I need to practice more!

Lovely footage and nice editing👍🏻. Also very well timed gull at 2.53. Nice to know they are good for something…
Oh, and fab joystick hack too :wink:

Nice hack. Does anyone have any experience of using longer joysticks to help with slower smoother panning as seems a more readily available adjustment. Or make no difference?

Lovely video. Very relaxing to watch and some brilliantly creative shots there.

I was in Yorkshire on holiday a few months ago and didn’t visit Whitby. You’ve made me regret that decision :+1:

@NICKYBOY @Gra.com62 @firstadekit @rustybarnet
Thanks for you comments all - I appreciate it lots :smiley:

@firstadekit - The problem I had with sticks regardless of length - As a user of thumb-on-top control - is the fact that it is hard to keep them in the same place. Some folk who pinch the joysticks (thumb and pointy) tell of better control. With the rubber there to offer some good resistance, it is much easier to control AND carefully change your stick placement giving much smoother control over flight trajectory and camera angle to give steady, non-jerky changes to both while recording.

Lovely video and music, very relaxing, beautiful ending!

Good hack Woody. Just out of interest did you try to alter the sensitivity of the sticks and the gimble smoothness via the app?

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Hi @mrsjotherhalf - Yes, the settings in the app I am familiar with. Unfortunately there is no setting that will determines the max speed (be it rotation rate or velocity) at limits of the joystick. The hack enables more stable placement and steady change of placement of the joysticks. (Mostly for me to control velocity)

Great video and a great mod… :+1: :+1: