Cold hard cash


Dont think even that would be legal nowadays Chris.

Even though your not charging for the inspection, your still using the drone commercially.

Id have done the same a few years ago but wouldnt chance it now.


I did say that it was 2 years ago.
I’d argue that it would have been commercial at that time, I would be doing it for my own personal information ,not my customer, besides I am the one doing the repair.
So, what your saying really, is it safer to climb a 50ft scaffolding, or fly a drone up to that point.
I know which way my thinking would be!.


Sign up to a stockshot photo sales website and put up one photo from every flight. Job jobbed.


I have flown my drone over properties that I had projects on only recently.
Purely for my own record of having done the job.
Nothing wrong in that, it is just for MY work folio, I do not even give copies to the customer.


That’s what I bunk is going to happen.

Many years ago, fresh faced and just out of university I was doing commercial photography work subsidised with weddings in a weekend, in the last 15 years since digital ‘everyone’ thinks they can take wedding photos and very few people want to pay a proper professional, the professional rate. Always makes me laugh that they will pay £500+ for a wedding cake though.

I think it’s finding your niche doing a good job, and chasing return business.


I need to do a PfCO I get asked quite often to fly and film once I have that I will buy a inspire 2 + kit


I’m just working on a Mavic2Pro ! :blush:


Snap :joy:


Will be interesting to see if I will be allowed to take my PfCO with my Mavic 2 Pro.
Besides, using my Phantom 4 will be old tech!.
Guess they will want you to fly in ATTI mode.
Best way to learn ,in my opinion.


Seen people on YTwrap the Mavic in tin foil where the gps is To make it fly atti mode


Don’t need to, just grab my Phantom 3 or 4 and switch ATTI on from the remote, and go for it.
Then, you have to fly it for real !.
Drifts in the slightest breeze, no gps lock, great free flying !.


I thought you could switch to atti mode on the Mavic Pro’s?

"Switchable" ATTI for Mavic Pro

Not that I know of, unless anyone knows different !


Take off real fast after power up without a gps lock! Then you’ll have a Mavic 2 in atti mode :wink:


Nope - not possible. Only loss (or lack of acquisition) of GPS gives you ATTI on the Mavics.


Of course it would be commercial.

Its for your own personal information but it also furthers and adds value to your buisness. Putting the drone up saves the cost of scaffold or cherry picker for the inspection part so it does have a value.


Perfect for a fly away !


ATTI has absolutely not one iota of relevance to a “fly away”.


I did my pfco with a mavic pro.

As no atti mode you just have to do more manoeuvres on the day


As part of yiur flight checks for pfco you ha e to make sure you have gps lock on mavic before flying off, they ask you questions before and after take off on what tbe rear flashing light means