Cold hard cash


It is.


There is no “switch” to ATTI on the Mavic Pro.


Bit of a challenge for the PfCO assessment where so many people are moving from the Phantom to the Mavic -I wonder if they will have to rethink this as newer drones only give the GPS option?

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As per this post - they get you to do more manoeuvres.


Thanks Dave - brilliant oracle as always! :+1:

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So yes, I could potentially cover the cost…


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"Switchable" ATTI for Mavic Pro

Sorry Lee if I diverted the thread

The other thing to consider is the issues of income tax, which may not be all negative in the first year, depending on your situation.

If setting yourself up as a sole trader you maybe able to claim back some expenses against your existing income tax payments. Gets a bit more complicated if you set up as a company as then you have corporate tax. I am still looking at both options and others here may have gone further but is a reason I am holding back on the purchase of a MavicPro2.


Get it bought
You can’t take it with you :coffin::coffin::coffin:


So when is yours arriving Jeff?


When I get another full time job …
The PfCO isn’t paying out much at the moment


You have to pay tax whether you’re a sole trader or a Ltd company, the Ltd company tax is just called corporation tax instead but is the same. As a Ltd company you have a bit more protection in that if any thing goes wrong and you get sued they can only chase you for company assets. As a sole trader they can take your house etc


Hi and Thanks. I fully understand that you have to pay tax both ways. When you do it as an individual, the tax includes all your other earnings and expenditure, which can be good or bad. Doing it as a company does means that there are a lot more legal requirements required of you. it’s not automatically the best way but, as you say, any debts are the responsibility of the company. Just saying, It’s would doing the figures both ways especially with most capital expenditure being in the first year


Try telling that to HMRC when you are Ltd. They’ll take yer kidneys never mind yer hoose.


I’m very limited…care with your reply

And I still have my kidneys

The wife’s a bookkeeper so my accounts are easy to do all the photography and drone purchases and IT items have all gone through the company no problem helping to reduce my tax burden
As they say “Every little helps”


Apologies if my comments offended, that was not the intention. My comment was aimed at Unique-Aerial-Views who states about being chased only for company assets. HMRC is exempt here and any corporation tax due falls to the directors to make good on if the company cannot pay. I believe this was part of the anti-phoenix policy.