Colourizing for fun

Bearing in mind that few of us use our aircraft for black and white photography this may be of limited interest.

I’ve just played with an online colourizer Open the web page and upload a black and white picture, Choose from arrange of filters to get the result you wish:


No input from me other than selecting the filter!


That does a pretty decent job! :+1:

that is very cool I always remember watching the World war one in colour thing on BBC. I turns the footage into something real and something you can connect with.

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Shows the importance of knowing the original colours. Or at least few of them on dominant surfaces if you want them to be accurate.

Shouldn’t Alec Guinness be dressed in white? :grin:

This isn’t an industrial strength colourizer, there is no colour selection and the only control you have is to select from a range of about 20 filters from the relatively subtle to the garish.

It claims to be AI, as do so many other products on the market. Still it’s free and does a better job of colouring inside the lines than I can :slight_smile:

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Excellent find, it does a good job of several B&W photos from my parents pre-war albums. I shall try some more!

Well impressed!
Great film by the way…