Commercial License and YouTube

I am starting to learn DaVinci Resolve 16 in advance of my Mavic Mini arriving and having some ability with video editing.

I have just been thinking about YouTube, Monetization and the drone commercial license. We are told that if we want to make money from using a drone then we need to have a commercial license (PfCO), but what does that mean for us if we upload a video to YouTube, monetize it and end up making a few quid as a result.

Are we in contravention of the rules if we make money from a drone video on YouTube?

No, you’re not. From the CAA’s website:

While every case should be judged on its own merits, some types of arrangements are not generally considered by the CAA to be commercial operations such as:
Advertising revenue received as a result of persons visiting a website or social media page where video or photographic stills shot from a UAS are displayed/posted. This is because these types of web-pages may be legitimately used to post recreational video material that was not commissioned by another party but was conceived and wholly funded by the poster.

It’s the existence of a commission or a contract with a customer that makes things commercial in the CAA’s eyes.


Thats a good question.

My take on it would be that you wouldnt need a commercial license given the scenario however im sure you’ll find out shortly from those in the know.#imstilllearning


Thats how I see it too :point_up_2:

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Great, thanks for the clarification folks.

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