Compass calibration on I phone 12 or any iOS ( do we need to do it to work alongside our fly app )

Umm just a quick question , does anyone no how to calibrate the compass on an I phone or iOS device , reason I ask and I have looked through the topics along with the internet first , yes reason for asking ( if I’ve heard right ) that is , our fly app map location works along with the compass on our phone :thinking: or is it complete nonsense , if so ( meaning to calibrate ) as we do our drones as and when , does anyone know how to do it or is this rubbish , I see how to do it with android but not iOS , if it’s a thing that should be done to maintain what needs to be correct within the map on the fly app then it’s something I’ve never done or knew , no dramas just curious as to why I’ve heard it mentioned on YouTube but no instructions ,
Many thanks

The maps in the fly app use the data from the drone

The location and orientation of the controller in the app come from the phone

As to calibration then the drone is important as it needs to know accurately the heading

The latest iPhones don’t have a compass calibration that I know about, someone may correct me

When you do a compass calibration on the drone it’s just resetting the offset caused by magnetic interference from close by objects, even other parts of the drone. The declaration is also done I think and that’s why DJI recommended to recalibrate if flown more than 50km away from the last location or if not flown for 30 days

Thanks , yes I’m not sure either or if matey was talking jargon on YT , he un installed the app ( compass ) re installed said it was good to go :man_shrugging:t2: Some say do this figure of 8 thing to calibrate I really don’t know , yea hopefully someone here might have the know how , not one person on YT does it the same and not much with the phone with a drone or fly app so not sure if it’s much of a topic or what , if it’s something that may need doing occasional then I’d do it if I know how especially as if it helps with the orientation and Accuracy. Cheers mate

It won’t, the drone can fly with out the app

Maybe the guy was talking nonsense then , he said we’re he was standing to the drone it didn’t tally up with the map , I’ll send you the link see what you think , cheers

Compass calibration on the latest iPhones is normally automatic but you can check its on by doing the following :

  1. Open the “Settings” app.
  2. Tap “Privacy”
  3. Tap “Location Services”
  4. Tap “System Services”
  5. Enable “Compass Calibration”

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I did see that and I guess that’ll be it then , I’ll post one of a few videos I found , also yesterday a well known guy to YT says about this figure of 8 with the phone :thinking: , I’ll share and see if anyone has any thoughts .

Many thanks

I just toggled that off and back on and then that’s just it , Thankyou

Good thinking :+1: :+1: :+1:
The other important thing to check before going through a re-install of the compass app is to make sure that location services are available to the DJI Fly app in the phone settings. Think I’ve got it set to “Allow whilst using app” - saves phone battery :+1: :+1: :+1:

Been some of Simon’s drone videos before and he seems to be quite thorough in what he puts out - but I can’t help thinking of Joe Pasquale :roll_eyes: :man_shrugging: - sorry no offence intended.

:smile::smile::smile: that’s why I didn’t want to post it on here no offence either :pray:t2: seems all intentions well !

That’s what I have mine set too always have , as I said in my first post it’s no drama ( well not that I’ve noticed ) so do you think do what he said :point_up_2:t2: , I guess I just want it to be as accurate as possible and not cause any of the problems a few have had , Thankyou

Personally - I would only do a re-install if there was an actual problem with the compass or controller orientation indications - if it ain’t broke don’t fix it :man_shrugging: :+1:

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I’ll just quickly show you these settings as been from day one

Would or should any of those be off do you know maybe like hardware info ? So it stops reminding me there’s updates that I don’t want :roll_eyes:

I’ve turned that one off as you can see now that banner has stopped reminding me ( update ) any good would you know , many thanks

Edit : I turned off project inprovement “ dji collects or something “ to help improve :roll_eyes: not sure they do so I thought no need for that to be on either.

He is going on about the compass heading of the controller in the app, it makes no difference to the drone or flying it, in fact on the version of fly app I use (1.4.2) it’s not available and my tablet doesn’t even have a compass :thinking:

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Richard, Turning this off will affect your Airdata logs unless you manually update them

Ok thanks Wayne
Does that mean automatically sync / upload when I get home over wifi maybe , or it won’t record no logs at all thanks

It will still auto sync but some of the information will be missing

Try a flight and share it

Yes wayne I’ll do that , from the Airdata you think things will be missing ? Not the fly app is that correct cheers mate

Edit if I can be completely honest it was only so it stopped warning me update

Try and let’s see what it changes, just do a flight and we can see what happens

No probs I’ll give it a go , might wrk out for the better or the opposite , hopefully all be good I’ll give it a go