Condensation on Mini 4Pro arms

With the weather being so poor over the past couple of weeks, I was looking forward to having a ‘fly around’ this morning, so was disappointed when I got up at 6:30 to see how very misty it was.
Undeterred, I thought I’ll go for a walk and take the drone in case it clears up.
After walking for 15 mins, I noticed that my coat (a waterproof coat) was not at all damp, so I thought it will be fine to fly.
I set up and launched the drone and (due to the poor visibility) decided to keep it close to me and low down.
I did some practice with waypoints, and once the battery was getting low, decided to land it.
I did a hand catch, and immediately noticed how wet (dripping wet) the arms of the drone were.
I switched it off, removed the battery and dried it off as best I could.
The water seemed to be only on the arms, so I assume it’s either due to the change in pressure in the area of the props, or that the props have been ‘blowing’ moist air over them for the entire flight.

I was surprised how wet the arms were … considering my coat did not feel even slightly damp in those conditions.

It certainly taught me something…. every day is a school day!

Glad you got it back safe and sound…

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