Conditions for registring a child - Flyer ID

I have registered myself as operator and flyer and want to add a 10 year old child as a flyer under my supervision (as parent or guardian). What additional conditions will be applied to flying a quadcopter ? For instance class or zones.
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So far as I know, the minimum age requirements were deleted from the regulations in January 2021. So the child just needs to register with a flier ID.

Legally, responsibility sits with you as the registered Operator to make sure the pilot is familiar with the drone’s operating instructions, and has the required competence for whichever subcategory they fly in (e.g. an A2 CofC if they fly in A2).

In the unlikely event that the child flies near “involved persons” in A2 or A3, the responsibility for properly informing them of risks sits with you, the Operator.

Those are standard for any Operator; nothing special applies because of the pilot’s age.

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What is the weight of the drone that the child will be flying?

If it’s less than 250 grams then there is no need for the child to have a flyer ID.

Check this post : Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme (DRES) - #332 by OzoneVibe

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I have a 10 year old son who has his own flyer ID, the exam is easy enough that he passed it first go with 100% when he was 9. With some guidance, getting a Flyer ID is easily possible and gives them a feeling of achievement (and in my son’s case the ability to fly a Spark).


As the Spark is heavier than an Mini 2 it’ll give them more understanding of operating drones outside of the Mini’s realms. Probably invest in doing the A2CofC and moving upwards, keep them interested in learning more

I have a Mini SE sub 250g.

  1. Can my 12 year old fly my drone without a flyer ID with my supervision?
  2. Does an adult friend need a flyer ID to fly my drone ?
    I understand the flights would be my responsibility as the register operator :crazy_face::+1:
  1. No
    Register a child under 13 as a flyer | UK Civil Aviation Authority
  2. Yes

So even though I don’t need a flyer ID as the registered operator no one else can fly my 250g Mini SE without a flyer ID :+1:

No your wife could fly without a flyer id. But you are still the operator and if she dies something wrong it’s your responsibility as you are the operator and your responsibility to ensure all pilots / flyers are competent and sensible for want of other words.




Great typo!

I have friend who is talking about getting a drone and was curious if he could fly my drone in a safe place without having a flyer ID…

In that case she’s going no where near the drone :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can’t even blame auto correct, fat thumbs more like!

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I must admit, based on the code published by the CAA:

“# 31. Always make sure that anyone flying your drone or model aircraft has appropriate authorisation, such as a valid flyer ID

You can do this at the check someone’s registration status service (opens in a new tab) .

If your drone or model aircraft is below 250g or C0 class, the person flying it does not need a flyer ID.”

my opinion is:

No-one of any age needs a Flyer ID to fly a sub-250g drone (eg Mini SE). So, answer to Q1 Yes the child may fly (as you propose, supervision required under 13 (from another para of the code)) and Q2: No, an adult friend does not need a flyer ID to fly your drone.

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Moved your post over to a very similar thread.

Also, worth looking at this post : Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme (DRES) - #332 by OzoneVibe

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