Confusing NFZs

Hmmm… confused…

In the thread about places to fly, I mentioned Jodrell Bank but was unsure if it was in a no fly zone or not.

So the DJI web site says nothing to worry about:

But the NATS app says "OMFG NO!!!"


Which is it?

Can I fly here or not?

Here’s a better pic from the DJI site:

So I think I can fly there, just with extreme caution due to the Manchester airport flight path? (Which DJI seem oblivious to?)

Yes, I reckon you can. I’m in a class D area and it’s more a ‘fly with caution’ than ‘fly and you die!’. If you follow the CAA Dronecode and fly responsibly you should be ok. Just don’t ask me to post bail for you. :wink:

The NATS one is because of Manchester airport, I fall in the red zone but can fly most places more than 5 miles from the airport. imho you can go up to 400ft at Jodrel Bank

Thanks guys, I’ll update my ‘wannafly’ list :slight_smile:

bit of a thread dig on this however It should be fine to fly…HOWEVER. I would expect allot of signal interference just like when I flew around Billinge hill

I have flown there with no issues?

Blimey @jimvfrmoto750 where’d you did this thread up from? :rofl:

Top scrolling…

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Looking at old questions? I really read a lot.


So I see:

Good man :smiley:

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