Congratulations! And the next FPV trick competition is

A splendid powerloop from Kris @VilenasFPV wins the powerloop contest.
It was very close in the end. The winner gets an analogue runcam camera from the kind and warm hearted @benb1202 (Kris - pm him if you want this camera)

But to the runners up, you get nothing

Kris. What trick are we going to learn next. You have until Friday to choose. No pressure
giphy (28)


Yes a great powerloop :slight_smile: well done @VilenasFPV

Damn, and I needed a new analogue camera, lol!


Just when I switched to digital I won analog camera :heart_eyes:

Thanks everyone for voting me in the 1st place :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

As a next trick I would like to use inverted yaw spin

Use imagination as it can be used various ways


Congrats Kris great bit of powerlooping fun :clap:t2::grin:

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thanks Steve

I think everyone done well and the fight was tight ! :slightly_smiling_face: