Connecting EV800D Goggles to a Simulator


I’ve now received my contoller and linked this up to Velocidrone - no problems.

Next step is to link my EV800D goggles, which isn’t as straight forward. From what I can see, I need an HDMI2AV converter and a camcorder RCA to 3.5mm jack and this should then work.

Can anyone confirm if this works before I go down this route?

Many thanks

I thought the EV800D was video OUT not IN? Might be wrong though?

I’ll have to check when I get home, but says in on the manual

Yeah does say video in. though that’s composite old style yellow, how you output that from a PC… you’d need some kind of adapter, and don’t think it’ll be cheap. could be wrong.
I don’t use my EV clone (was meant to be a real EV800, but hey ho got conned), on the PC, just he radio master!

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I was hoping to train my eyes as well as the muscle memory using the radiomaster.

I don’t think it will cost much, the converter is £11.29

The RCA to 3.5mm is £7.75 and so it doesn’t cost a lot if it actually works…

I’ll just have to give it a try.

Let us know how you get on, as I may try it myself, lol! £12 is nothing in this hobby lol!

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Will do :+1:

I did this with my DJI goggles V2, hdmi to rca adapter, TRRS to RCA cable, all good to go. Bit of a faff, not the greatest quality etc etc, but it works. I hope it’s a similar experience with your goggles


I bought a cheap avout video card from ebay for a tenner. Had to wire up my own av cable though as my skyzones were wired oddly.

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Sounds like it should work then. Thanks

Hoping I’ll not have to do any diy wiring :crossed_fingers:

I’ll report back.

I can confirm that this works.

It was very straight forward :smiley:


Great for watching films too then?

Yeah, that would work.

I can cancel my trip to see bond at the cinema tomorrow now :joy:

Boom. Will look into that. Though they are quite heavy for long sim sessions I imagine

They’re not too bad, you could have a pretty lengthy session without any problems.

Really glad I did this, I’m not getting my drone for another 6 weeks, so practicing with the goggles should make a real difference, it’s a completely different experience to using the monitor.

Pleased with my flight progress so far after only a few days, although real life will be different I’m sure. :grimacing:

Hardest part is keeping my head still :joy: