Continuous charging

Can anyone much more knowledgable than myself ( probably 80% plus of members ), advise me if leaving a smart battery on charge continuously, will be harmful to the battery. My ZINO mini pro batteries self discharge to a safe level after 2 days of non use, and take up to 4 hours with the recommended charger, to be ready to fly. Most inconvenient.
Anyone ?

I would also be interested in the answer to that question

I kind of think the answer is probably in the question?

As a compromise, with DJI anyway, you can increase the discharge days, e.g. from 2 to 4.

But this is a compromise in more ways than one, as it will negatively compromise the life span of the battery too. By how much, who knows.

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Thanks OZONEVIBE for your reply.
I was thinking of maybe a couple of days, or not more than a week in anticipation of a decent weather forecast. It’s frustrating to see a good UAVforecast, only to have to wait for the batteries to recharge.

And to CLINKADINK, I do have DJI mini, and I’ve set the drain period to 4 days, but sadly that feature is not available for the ZINO.
Thanks for the replies


None of my stuff has a drain period.
My interest in the question is more general. as most things that i have that use different batteries and one of them use different types. some advice i have been given is only charge fully before you need them, other say it makes no difference while some offer no advice at all, but don’t leave discharged. with some genuine canon batteries at a penny under £190, it going to get expensive if i keep damaging them. so as even genuine chargers done normally do part charging what’s the best way to gat best battery life?.


All drone batteries are lipo or li-ion. So its best to store them at around 3.7-3.8v per cell (20% capacity).
Only charge them when you need them, and don’t leave fully charged for more than a few days.
Also, if they drain too much, they are trash. Even dangerous.

That’s life I’m afraid.

thanks for the info… does the same apply to all Lipo / Li-ion regardless of what they fit?

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Yes. I understand that some batteries for dji and the like self storage. Li-ions in mobile phones are never full for long etc.

But yes. If you have no way of putting your batteries into storage, use them until they are low on voltage. But not too low

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Thanks … Understood, i will stop fully charging them. :smiley: