Controller to iPad Mini 4 lead\cable?


I think I need a USB to lightning cable, the lightning part must be right angled.
I am trying to keep things as neat and tidy as possible with the controller to iPad mini 4 cable connector.

Ideally the total length of the cable should be no more than 8 inches \ 200mm.

Where can I buy these from please?

I intend to use the standard USB port on the centre\underside of the controller.

Re the upper left side port, what is the description name for this type of port, is it ‘micro usb’, ‘C type’ or what, as usual I am somewhat confused :blush:.

I am always open to suggestions if you can recommend alternative options, thanks.



Searching eBay for “90 degree usb to lightning cable” gives a load of results.
You might find exactly what you’re after from amongst the results.


John, there was a similar discussion in the following thread you might want to check out.

The connector on side of controller is micro usb. Its a strange shape so be carefull to get the correct orientation when plugging in charger. A few people have damaged the port by forcing the charger in back to front.


Go to eBay - search for:
Braided 90 Degree Left /Right Angle Charger USB Data Sync Cable Lead For iPhone
Chose 20cm length - perfect if you have iPad Mini 4 mounted in controller clamp.


This is the one I use with my iPad 4 mini.


Thank you all.