Cooked and fried DJI phantom 3 after firmware update

Since I got interested in drones, my son let me have his pretty much unused DJI phantom 3. None of his batteries worked, so I got another phantom 3 just for batteries. To cut a long story short, as my son hadn’t used it for a long period, the DJI go APP attempted a firmware update on the copter and it didn’t go well. Thankfully I still have the batteries and the other phantom 3 pro. I am quite upset and I have no idea how to fix this. Any one ever gone through this before?

I feel DJI should offer more support for their products. If we purchase a laptop for say £1000.00 we expect to use it for at least 10 years (give or take). Looking at the DJI website they stopped firmware support for it in 2017.

Any ideas thoughts comments?

Hi Nalin
What exactly is the matter with the P3? When you say it’s cooked and fried, what exactly is it doing? They are quite old now and I shouldn’t think the firmware update has been upgraded for at least 4 years.

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Thanks John. When it starts all of the LEDs are red. I can’t connect to it with the controller now. I could do that before the attempted firmware update using my ipad. I know they are old but I thought rather than spend a lot of money at the start, I will use what is in front of me etc. But thanks for any pointers or help.

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So doing some lazy searching, trusty youtube gave me this quirky video. Phantom 3 Pro Gimble Board Flash No Video Feed Fix - YouTube - does this ring a bell anyone? but it refers to a set of files in the video and the link given in the video doesn’t work.

I found them here: No image transmission signal - P3P | Page 3 | DJI Phantom Drone Forum

If you scroll down or do a ctrl+f and search for dropbox and or, you can get the files.

In the absence of any other hook to hang my coat, I am going to try this when I have a bit of good headspace time. I need to take out the board, then do some micro soldering and find ftdi board.
I am a bit familiar with the serial to ttl boards as I 've dabbled with them to connect my telescope mount to my PC.

Why is life not fair to you? on the other hand it’s another way to let the commander-in chief at bay!

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I know nothing about the Phantom 3 but these links might help you

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@uduwawalan Hi, going by what you have posted there is a good chance you have overheated the gimbal board of the camera unit. They were prone to running hot while doing firmware updates. It is recommended to run a fan pointed at the gimbal while updating. I dare say you have came across some of my posts while I also searched for a cure for my dinosaur Phantom 3 Adv. I ended up getting a second hand gimbal board sent from Alaska. Couldn’t be bothered getting into the re-flashing thing. Like you said DJI dropped the Phantom brand like a burning coal as soon as the Mavics took off.
I lost faith in the P3A and ended up buying the DJI Mini 2. Best thing I did as it gives you much more flying freedom.
I’m off to bed soon but I will look up some of my old saved screenshots of Phantom problems/solutions tomorrow.

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Nalin, the P3 Pro gimbal boards are notorious for failing for no reason at all. You’ll find it very difficult to get a replacement that’s any good, and if you do, it’ll cost more than the P3 is worth.
The P4 is a lot better drone, and has a better gimbal/camera. The batteries last longer and the drone flies much more smoothly and is more reliable.
Although the Phantom 4 Pro is no longer in pproduction, the upgraded version V2.0, is an exceptional flying machine, and you can still buy them from DJI, but they are very expensive.
If you’re going to the Big Meet next weekend, I’ll be taking my P4s (Standard and Pro) and you can have a fly/try if you like.

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All of you have been so helpful and I wish I found this before I stumped on the DJI pro 3. However, I am glad I stopped there. You are right, the gimbal section was very hot. I thought that is strange but didn’t give much thought to it. Thanks for the heads up.

Not sure where the big meet up is. I didn’t know about it.

Thanks for the offer to fly your Phantom 4. I am a big red letter “L” drone flyer. I just about got the P3 up and set it down. If I get to the big meet, I certainly would like to take up the offer - but are you sure about this and this is extremely kind of you.

Thanks also for the other two replies to my cry for help. I work in IT so I am hoping that the gimbal board is not fried. I will give it another go before stopping my efforts. Very upset about it as I hate to see electronic equipment suffer this fate in my hands. This has not happened to me during my IT career and I am about to retire.

I feel DJI should do better to support their customers.

But I have this community and that is a big blessing. Thanks again to all.


I am very tempted now. It’s not that far from Aylesbury it looks like. It’s a chance to say hello and thanks. If it the farm near Kettering / Northampton way, I am certainly looking to come. If it’s further away, afraid not.

Have a read here on Phantom Pilots forum. They have loads of similar requests.

Hope it sheds some light on the issue.

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Thanks a lot. i will have a read. it’s what I do after that!

Why do your better half always decide I want to go out at the wrong time?

Also if I start to do something about this, I will make my first youtube video (about my travails). It might help someone somewhere.

Yeah not too far from Kettering

52.458402, -0.595900

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Just so that everyone who may read this post know, The link sent by Sparkyws for dankdownloader has most of the older firmware files. You have to install a piece of software on your PC and then it gives access to a whole plethora of older DJI firmware files for a large number of models.


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Now to break the news to my better half about next weekend!

This is the link to DankDroneDownloader.exe

FYI the web app gives the same list of Firmwares but they are having server issues at the moment

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Haven’t tried to download anything yet. I need to digest the various approaches suggested to fix it and give one of them a go.

So looks like I am coming to the meetup next weekend. I will try to make it there on the 11th. So just asking here, Do I put anything to a kitty or should I bring somethings such as drinks etc.? What are the norms? I don’t like to come empty handed especially as you all have been very welcoming.

Please give me some hints and what I should and shouldn’t do. I’ll do my best to be there early around 10:00 ish.

Thanks all.

Post your questions in the big meet thread