Cornish Holiday Dronage


Threw the MP2 up from a cliff path today to snap this shot of the lovely fishing village Polperro, then a few tweaks on iPhone. That drone is SO quiet nobody even saw or heard me! Stealth drone!!!


Show off with your fancy stealth mode …:thinking:


“Blue Thunder” Whisper Mode !!


Ahh them old movies


Ha! That was my first thought too :smiley:

@Longstride photo looks a little over exposed in the middle / white areas mate?


Probably! I did it on the phone :slight_smile: not got home to fiddle with raw image on computer yet!

Just HDR’d the shit out of it as usual! :wink:


I so need a holiday there, on my bucket list. Stunning photo, and I love the M2’s quietness too, isn’t it lovely not having it in the back of your mind when flying!


It’s a lovely place!

Yes I love the fact that after about 50 meters I don’t even know where the drone is!!! And I’m flying it :wink:


I did a flight with @mickydd the other day it was a little dull so I used my cree’s which helped me find it in the sky (just a thought)


Ah - so PfCO meand “Probably flying. Can’t orientate!” …. you learn something every day! :wink:


A little dull???
Are you referring to the weather or the company @sparkman999


I will not answer on the grounds it may incriminate me…


The weather what else?


Finally got around to getting the original file off the drone SD card and editing in lightroom. Turns out I wasnt shooting in RAW, just JPG! DOH! Still… any better?


Better! :+1: