Cossall in Autumn

Took the Mini out this morning. It was misty and overcast but I’ve been desperate to get out.

Not a long video, still getting to grips with controlling it smoothly (this was my second outdoor flight). I got quite a lot of footage, may do a longer edit of this session at some point.


Having just watched your video I’d say you’ve gotten to grips with it pretty darn well already :smiley:

I love seeing the mist hovering above the floor, from above. I also loved those autumn colours half way through when you were above the trees.

The Misty Moments badge is currently winging its way to your profile :+1:t2:


By the way, it’s also great to see some “real world” Mavic Mini footage emerging that wasn’t shot in Florida :blush:


Thanks Rich. The smoothness is definitely down to the edit on this one, there’s some really dodgy stuff on the cutting room floor.

Yeah, Florida, pah, who needs it?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’d say you have it cracked. I’d also bet production companies only use 5% of drone footage shot.

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Cheers Steve, yeah, you may be right!

I’ll second all of that, lovely work :ok_hand:


Thank you Dave.

I like the 90 second video, holds the interest really well.

I get bored easily (modern society eh) and like the shorter clips within an edit.

Good work ;o)


Cheers Chris. :slight_smile:


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When I grow up, one day, I want to control my MM like you do!!

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Thanks @Sundowner but at this stage it’s more luck than judgement. :grin:

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