Couldn't resist!

You only live once and get one shot in this world so why not?! She arrives Monday.


Congratulations, they are fantastic to fly and I thoroughly enjoyed mine (now sold).what camera are you getting?

She’s only coming with a x4s for now. And then I’ll look at a 5 or 7.

OMG. Would love one, shame you are so far away. Wouldn’t mind seeing it fly, might even be tempted.
Will have to part ex the MP.
Enjoy it and post some pics hen it arrives.

Sure will dude

Official envy
Enjoy and as Mike said keep us updated
Oh and which bank did you rob…

If you eventually go with the X5S I can recommend buying the gimbal on its own and adding the Olympus 17mm f1.7 lens, saves a couple of hundred over the gimbal and DJI 15mm lens combo and the Oly is a superb performer.

Enjoy the 2, they really are a joy to use and awesome to see fly!

Thanks dude brill info. Did you have much problems with prop rattle.

Not for the first 20 or so flights, but then it slowly started and got worse. I ended up doing the super glue fix which worked very well, but needs to re-done fairly regularly (every 7-10 flights or so).

However I had done 240km over 86 flights on the same props by the time I sold it without any other issues and still on those props.

It’s intresting how DJI won’t say there’s any issue yet there in V3 props now. I’m looking at these.

The store is happy to ship to the UK and they have had a lot of real world testing and 100s of good reviews.

Just be aware that if you had a crash DJI say they would be able to tell you were using third party props and that would likely invalidate your warranty.

The stock props really aren’t that bad and superglue is cheap :slight_smile:

I’ve seen they had a problem with the motor mounts coming clean off the drone.

No way! :open_mouth:

I opened this thread expecting to see pictures of your new Mavic Air, not an Inspire 2 :clap:

Should allow some seriously stable shots at wind farms :wink:

I’m dying to see one of these in the flesh too!

This is X rated stuff you need to pay to see more photos. Hahaha

More soon


“Flags post as obscene!”

She’s getting her updates.

Someone’s gonna need a bigger dining table :rofl:

But in all seriousness, congrats mate, looks stunning :heart_eyes:

Congrats from me too
One day…
Anyone know any good banks that give away free samples

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Gorgeous! Are you using it commercially?

I wish!, but you’re more than welcome to try HSBC who took a free sample from me in the form of PPI.

But on the bright side, I look at my PPI as savings for an “Inspire maybe”:nerd_face: