Councils that Allow/Do not allow the use of drones on public land


I am new to this forum, and i am searching long and hard to places to legally fly (take off and land, not the drone code.) This is proving difficult however i have been somewhat successful. Bellow is a list of councils that allow the use of drones, and a list that does not. These are only my surrounding areas so if you know of more please leave them in the comments with links and hopefully people find this useful.



Not Allowed:

Angus Council
Crawley Council

Any more would be greatly appreciated and I will add them to the list, preferably allowed.


Suffolk Council have banned drones from ALL public places :rage::pensive::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::pleading_face::exploding_head:


Nice work!

It would be an awesome feature to get this added to Drone Scene to know which parks we can and can’t fly in.

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Bolton council dont mind and seam to allow drone flying in public parks

  • You should have permission from the landowner if you are flying a drone over land you do not own

Before you fly a drone you must:

  • Have the necessary insurance in case of accident, personal injury or damage to property

I would disagree with these two points for non commercial pilots.

Bournemouth allow but with certain restrictions as on this page

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