Couriers that will ship drone batteries on their own?

Hi everybody does anyone know if their are any couriers that will actually ship drone batteries within the uk as I need to send back 2 of my typhoon h plus batteries to yuneec as they are bloating and I have a fault with cells on one of them. I have tried finding a courier but most now wont ship lipo batteries on their own.:joy:

I’ve used UPS before, expensive but 100% hassle free:

There was a more recent thread about shipping batteries, can’t find it now, but I think the issue you have is the batteries are on their own, rather than being in or with original equipment.

Again, not a problem for UPS as long as you declare it properly on their web site at the time of booking :+1:t2:

That’s cool thanks I have an account with ups so will give it a try. Otherwise it’s a 5 hrs road trip which is probably more in fuel than tha batteries cost. Lol👍

Some more details from UPS:

Useful guide on shipping batteries (in general):

pack_ship_batteries.pdf (5.6 MB)

I dont think there are any couriers that will ship faulty or damaged lithium batteries except perhaps a few dangerous goods carriers.

If it’s a warranty job I’d ask them to arrange collection.

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Ah good spot, I’d not factored battery condition in to this one :thinking:

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The small print says:

Customers wishing to transport damaged, defective or recalled (DDR) batteries must be pre-approved by UPS.

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just dont mention it. So long as they’re discharged there isnt a problem.

Seriously? That’s your advice?


I thought the same with an iPhone battery and almost burnt my house down.

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Lipos catch fire when they are short circuited. The plastic separator inside is either broken during manufacture or damaged later eg being dropped. Then, a lot of energy can be suddenly released. Ranging from melting through fire to explosion.

If they are discharged to begin with then none of those things will happen.

Also, you can take them on a plane, individually, IF they are packed in a manner that prevents them from short-circuiting. If they are just loose in your bags then a metal objects could short the contacts. So, put them in a lipo bag with no metal objects in there, discharged, and you will have no problems whatsoever.

Perhaps I should have said lipo bag in the first post, made it clearer, I just assumed that it was obvious

How do you fully discharge an intelligent battery?

Even at zero percent the cells are still over 3v.

Even Amazon wont let you ship back defective or damaged lithium batteries due to safety regulations. They ask you to dispose of them and provide evidence.

Providing the courier company doesn’t see it’s a battery and just destroy the entire package.

Even Amazon wont let you ship back defective or damaged lithium batteries due to safety regulations. They ask you to dispose of them and provide evidence.

I had a problem with a faulty power pack from Amazon (wouldn’t fully charge and leds didn’t work correctly) and couldn’t find any courier to take it. Amazon sent me a return label advising of the contents for a prospective courier. On contacting them via phone after a word with a line manager I was told I would be re-imbursed and to dispose of the battery in an environmentally friendly way as above. Dropped it off at Currys battery disposal counter.

It puzzles me how such batteries travel the world with no apparently no problem. Amazon must deliver 1000’s a day in the UK alone. OK they are assumed not faulty but I have never received any with an advisory note as to what the contents are. I don’t see any difference in a drone with 3 separate batteries being classified any different from just 3 batteries for transport purposes.

I had 6 delivered from China for a cheapo VISUO XS812 drone within 2 weeks and with no advisory of contents as I recall. The Post Office apparently x-ray/examine parcels and will retain and dispose of any batteries sent via post without a by your leave.


The difference is that Amazon have their own currriers and so are not a risk to anyone other than themselves.
I had a similar issue with a mavic batteries from Amazon, they told me to dispose of the faulty one. I didnt and did some research and discovered that it just needed some TLC i now have 2 perfectly working batteries for the price of one. A friend of mine had similar however Amazon arranged for one of thier drivers to collect it. I guess it just depends how busy they are.

I asked a friend about this who works in the industry and he stated shipping defective Lithium metal batteries is prohibited under IATA.

Shipping by road and sea is also prohibited under UN and EU regulations.

Hes going to dig out the relevant legislation and I’ll update if this is indeed the case.

@pilningpilot what did you do in the end Jon?

Nothing yet gonna try and sort out tomorow.

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I have a couple of Batteries for Mavic Pro (which one of our members @northernlights53 have For Sale,) but, we are bollicks to be able to get them to me because of the Postal constraints !.
Any suggestions anyone???.(it’s a 4 hour drive from here !!!)