Coventry Council to ban drones


I would expect nothing less from Coventry Council. Last paragraph sums it up. £50 to fly for commercial use. Money making scam.


That’s two now:

Kneejerk reactions to ruin everything for the majority of law-abiding drone pilots. Imagine if Gatwick actually turns out not to have been a drone the whole time :expressionless:


I wouldnt expect anything else from this council, Dogs can crap all over the parks, and CCTV all over the place ( which I agree with ) but some old lady is bothered by a drone with a camera. Do these people not realise I dont give a toss what they do and I certainly dont want to take pictures of them.
And they say we live in a free country.


Im afraid that there’ll be more to follow, im sure. I’ve no doubt there will more bad press to come and further restrictions placed across the UK.



It’s interesting as the council surely don’t regulate the airspace? They can restrict take off and landing but not fly over


Yes, that’s correct, they can only control take off and landing, not the actual flight path. The CAA said exactly this at their recent talk at the drone show (which I think is recorded and online somewhere). Nobody owns the skies.


It was interesting to see in the article that they would charge you £50 for permission to fly then also charge you for our own photography. Have they missed something about intellectual property rights. I have all ways understood that if I take pics with my DSLR the pics belong to me surely the same applies to drone pics and vids?


This looks a totally logical and considered response to recent events and, I stress, is not a knee jerk, vote winning, half baked suggestion from a group of people that have not even looked at existing codes in place and the view of the CAA.

Way to go Cov🙄


Not popular according to the newspaper poll


I expect that all councils will soon take up this drone ban idea.

They don’t own the sky above.

So … You are caught by a council Jobs-worth flying your drone from council land.

Any legal people on here ?

What can the council actually do ?

Confiscate your drone ?
Fines ?

Under what law can they fine you for ?

The first test case in court will be interesting.