Coventry sky

Here is a photo I took yesterday before sunset above Coventry - DJI Mini 3 Pro (this is one of the first actual photos I have taken on my drone rather than taking a snippet from a video)

These were auto settings, I’m still learning the drone so any suggestions on taking a better photo would be greatly appreciated :+1:t3:

Thanks friends


@AJE Hi Alex. I personally dont use Auto, especially for night shots. That said, I do use some of the Auto functions when adjusting the Pro settings.

I lock the ISO at 100 then use the Auto function for the shutter speed. I then use the manual setting to adjust the EV until the over exposure stripes disappear (sometimes I leave a few when videoing depending on the subject). I use the histogram to get the best average white balance and then lock it. I tend to use the 5 x AEB function and DNG setting and merge them in post (never use the 48mp option as IMO its digital manipulation of the pixcels and disables some of the other aforementioned functions).

For very dark scenes ie at night you may have to up the ISO a bit but leave as low as possible to reduce the noise levels. I dont take many of these as I’m not a night owl but never got a decent photo using over ISO 400 yet!

I have the auto focus set to infinity (looks like mountains) but sometimes use manual focus on specific subects.

Play with your settings and note the different results you’d be amazed at the difference they make. Have fun :+1:


Oh wow I’ll definitely have to give that a go and explore the PRO realm… thank you very much :smiling_face:

@AJE No worries Alex, I was in your situation 18 months ago and one or two established, and learned, GADC members gave me a helping hand then, and if I’m honest… ever since! :rofl:

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Another one I took of the coventry sky this afternoon. No editing, still getting used to trying to take multiple shots and merging them together etc and learning the pros, i had seconds before the clouds covered the sun so just got a quick few shots


Cracking photo Alex :smiley:

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