Coventry speedway stadium

Took the mini 3 over to this abandoned stadium, got there and found I’d forgot to put the SD card in. Had to use the internal storage, which doesn’t last long., So just kept landing and download to my phone.


Was that a greyhound track as well, I didn’t realise speedway had declined, it was quite popular when I was younger, all our north east clubs Newcastle Diamonds Middlesbrough Bears Redcar Tigers must have closed nearly 20 years ago

The last two closed over 20 years ago.

Middlesbrough bears closed 26 years ago.
Redcar Tigers closed 34 years ago but were resurrected this year as the Redcar Bears.

On the other hand Newcastle Diamonds only closed this year with the aim of returning next year. :slight_smile:

Had my Air 2 over there back in January :ok_hand:t2: such a shame its been left to rot…

I got some good shots though was an awesome place to fly.

Nice work. I’ve started to keep a really cheap 32 in my wallet just in case, keep it inside the SD adapter for protection, in case I forget mine!