Crash at Clipstone Colliary

My mini lost contact with the controller on a flight around Clipstone Colliary in Nottinghamshire and activated RTH. Unfortunately the setting for RTH was 60m, exactly the same height as the colliary’s towers. It crashed. Now I want to get into the place, but the recently new owners are illusive and although I have the name of their company I can’t find any contact details. Can anyone here help please?

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This is so sad to see,

I’ve seen some videos of guys fishing for drones with other drones, maybe you have someone local that could help.

Otherwise if the company is being illusion ma bye it’s accessible by some urban explorer types…

Love the before footage though, really interesting looking building, I can see why you’d want to fly there

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Cant you just hop the fence ?

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Couldn’t you have done it at the time, there are cars in the compound


The fence is too high to hop over - anyway I think the broken drone is on top of one of the buildings!

You’re correct, but I didn’t notice the vehicles in the compound until later when I looked at the video!

Maybe I should go back and check again.

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How did you capture this footage if your drone had disconnected from the controller? :thinking:

Anyway, have a look at the members map here (click the burger menu). Are any members near this location?

If so, give them an @mention to draw their attention to this thread.

They may be willing to go on a recce / rescue mission with their drone, a long piece of wire and a hook :+1:t2:

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Thanks for your response.

When the drone is flying it’s always saving the video cache onto the phone that’s being used for the controller. It’s obviously not high quality video, but as you’ve seen, not too bad.

I’ll take up your suggestion and try to contact someone in the area for help. Thanks for that.


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Yeah that’s the bit I didn’t understand.

The drone connects to the controller and the controller connects to the phone.

If the drone is disconnected from the controller you lose the video feed on your phone.

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Correct. I had the video cache up until the moment the drone crashed!

But how… if you’d lost the connection?

We’re going round in circles here so I’ll step out at this point :slight_smile:

I wish you luck on your recover mission, hopefully you can get it back :+1:t2: