Crashed my Mavic Air, what are my options? :(

Hi chaps.

Long story short my drone decided to drift itself into a wall. Was hovering nicely and then just casually floated sideways at zero speed until it collected the workshop wall. All of this way indoors with no wind and no sign of interference.

Anyway, it’s managed to rip off one of the fold out (antenna?) legs. It’s second hand and no mavic care/refresh packages.

What are my options? I see replacement arms are available complete, but can they actually be installed easily?

Any recommendations gratefully received.

UnluckyTimmeh (living up to my name).

Check YouTube. Was looking the other day in relation to the Mavic Pro (curiosity, not need) and found some good instructional videos.

I did have a look, but couldn’t see anything about the arms for mavic airs :confused:

I’m tempted to just start taking it apart and having a look.

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You’ve got nothing to lose at this point!

Or maybe just buy another used one? Or a crashed one for parts?

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Front arm - not very “tutorial” - but one can see the important bits.

Full (41 mins!) teardown (in a foreign language) but visually very good to understand what goes where and pick the bits that you need.

Good for opening up the body. May be other things …

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Thanks chaps.

I’ll try not to drop any tears into it while taking it apart :cry:


Just seen your post Tim !, if I can be of help in getting you up and flying with my Electronics experience, LMK.
Failing that , maybe time for a M2?.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for this. I’ve managed to get it fixed now and back up and running but I hugely appreciate the offer :slight_smile:

One day soon it’ll be M2 time :wink:



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No worries !, Can’t believe I missed your post !.
Must meet up again soon with the “Norfolk Boys” !.

Go on!, you know you want too !.
Different bird altogether to the Air !.
Taking mine round “The Med” in 3 weeks on a cruise.

Do cruises allow them on board?

What cruise line are you going with?

P and O is a definite No No

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Fred Olsen Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, yes to both !
Maybe others, check the cruise lines web site.

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I remember they used to hold on to your drone and you could get it while in port.

They must have ditched that policy when they realised how expensive they were getting.

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Yes, that’s true, that use to be their policy, but, unlike some cruise lines they do live in the world of reality !.
Especially when 10% of the feckin’ crew own one !